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Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium Garage Doors

Light and strong with great anti corrosion properties, Aluminium is a fantastic material for the manufacture of garage doors.

Supplied in malleable sheet or rolled strip from the mills, aluminium is easily formed into complex shapes that become very rigid, robust and strong when worked into the shapes that please the eye and provide reassuring security for many, many years.

A typical garage door application for aluminium is our premier roller garage door. Aluminium strip arrives in large rolls already primed on one side and fully finished in coloured powder coat on what will become the outside face. The continuous rolls of flat strip are fed through hundreds of increasingly tight rollers that gradually shape it into a double sided curved section with very special shapes at the top and bottom.

When fully rolled, automatic saws cut the material to the exact width of your door and the special shapes slide into each other to form door wide hinges that not only allow the door to roll up into a compact bundle when not required but also strengthen and support the door.

Sleek, modern styling, high security, compact and made to measure - everything you look for in a garage door, thanks to aluminium.

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