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Automatic Garage Doors

Electric Garage Doors


Thanks to their affordability, automatic garage doors are now becoming increasingly popular.

All garage doors can be automatic, so whatever type you have or require - whether it's the traditional side hinged doors or the ultra modern roller garage door - we have the facilities to provide you with a smooth, safe and convenient automatic garage door.

We take your specification and budget into account when discussing automatic garage doors with you, so we always recommend the perfect solution to your needs.

Electric garage doors become the ultimate convenience with remote control. All of our automatic garage doors can be specified complete with their own remote, meaning you don't have to leave your car or deal with any locks or handles to open your automatic garage door. Simply push a button on your key fob sized hand set and your remote controlled garage door will open or close for you. Easy!

Remote garage doors have a range of safety features as standard, as well as advanced security: once your remote garage door is shut, it's automatically locked without keys. Your door can still be operated in a power failure and an automatic courtesy light makes for easy, safe operation during those dark nights.

For those who find lifting and closing the garage door not so easy now, automation could well be the very cost effective answer.

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