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It is not necessary to purchase a new garage door or gates in order to reap the benefits of automation. Here at Rollaway Doors, our team have the skill and knowledge to automate your door or gates regardless of make or age, providing your door or gate is in good order. Automation will not repair failing equipment but often a quick service by our expert fitters and a few adjustments will bring them up to standard.

Whether you've recently had a garage door or gates installed by us, or want your existing manual equipment automating, simply give us a call. We've been automating garage doors and gates for many years and as a result, we have the necessary experience to provide you with the right equipment to automate your garage door or gates in no time!

If you have gates and doors or more than one door, one small key fob sized hand set will operate everything and can also be used to control lights and many other devices.

Our garage door automation comes complete with an automatic courtesy light to make the use of your garage safe at night. Without unlocking your vehicle, you press the button on the key fob sized hand set and the door opens. The light comes on automatically so you can safely drive in to the illuminated garage and close the door behind you, all without unlocking your car door. Your safety is paramount and all of our systems come complete with a safety sensing system that will stop and lift the door if anything obstructs its path when closing. Should you experience a power failure, your automation system comes with a simple manual override that puts everything in manual operation until the power returns.

So why not contact us for more information about our Garage Door Automation services? A chat costs nothing and automation often costs less than you think. Let us put our extensive experience to work for you - ring our free phone number today.

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