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Glass Reinforced Plastic Garage Doors

Glass reinforced plastic doors

Glass Reinforced Plastic Garage Doors

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP or fibreglass, as it's more commonly known) was developed during World War Two for aircraft radar domes and one of its many modern versions has become one of the most versatile materials available for the construction of garage doors.

Usually found in the portfolios of the specialist door manufacturers, intricate designs that would be impossible to press or form in steel can be produced in any colour or size.

Many home owners would love to have the natural beauty of wood in their garage door but are put off by the seasonal movements and high maintenance requirements. Beautiful designs normally crafted from wood can be moulded in GRP as a very convincing replica that does not need the care of real timber.

GRP garage doors are both strong and lightweight, making them highly suitable for most domestic applications. With designs ranging from traditional to ultra modern and available in almost any colour, we are confident that we can find you a glass reinforced plastic garage door that will complement your home.

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