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Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Doors Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors remain one of the most common types of garage door in Britain today. They provide a simple, effective barrier between the outside world and your belongings, keeping them safe from the elements and out of the sight of intruders. They range in style from the basic steel budget door to magnificent timber constructions with many styles and materials in between.

There are two distinct types of operating mechanisms for up and over garage doors - canopy and retractable - both opening in their own unique way and offering different functionality benefits.

Canopy garage doors get their name from the small section of the door that protrudes from the garage entrance when the door is open. If you have a garage that is 8 feet wide or less, a canopy up and over garage door is the perfect choice for you.

Canopy garage doors are normally basic doors intended for manual operation and, as the name suggests, have up to a third of the door protruding out above the garage entrance when the door is open. The door swings out and up in a radius guided by arms on each side of the opening. The springs that assist the opening are usually mounted above and across the opening and are connected to the door by a system of cables on tapered cones.

Retractable, or tracked, garage doors literally retract fully back into the garage when open and are ideal for electric remote control automation. These doors also swing out and up in a radius, but spring assisted cantilever side arms take the bottom of the door up, round and right back while rollers on the top corners of the door travel back along tracks under the garage ceiling.

If you're unsure which up and over garage door you need, our team can help. We will carry out a free, no obligation site survey for you and because we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we can offer impartial advice as to which garage door would be best suited to your needs. We will also be able to advise on and supply your additional needs including frames, automation, additional locks, finishing cladding; in fact, anything you need!

If you want to discuss our range of Up and Over Garage Doors, just contact us online or call us on the number provided and to talk to an expert today.

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